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The Dawid Kruiper Municipality is currently seeking inputs/submission of request for approval for SSEG systems from its residential/business property owners regarding its rollout of the Small Scale Embedded Generation(SSEG) initiative, which aims at controlling the influx of solar and other types of electricity generation connected to its electricity grid, in respect of property owners, which are currently or have already undertaken, to connect an SSEG system.

Due to the potential technical and financial risk to the municipality, the municipality seeks:
1) inputs/suggestions in general from all residential/business owners; as well as
2) residential property owners / business property owners whom have already installed in the past or is in the process of installing these types of systems or wish to obtain further information regarding this initiative.

These inputs are however not open to property owners whom are connected to the Eskom electricity network.

Interested parties have to review the SSEG documents available on the Dawid Kruiper Municipality website and either provide inputs/suggestions in the suggestion form or send an email to the elec@dkm.gov.za email address with details of the planned / already installed system for technical evaluation by the electricity department.

The municipality would like to thank the public in advance for their comments / application for approval of such historic systems and or systems in planning phase. Approval for historic systems or systems in planning phase will be given after technical review for the safeguarding of the electricity network.

Financial Incentives
At this stage, no financial compensation will be given to prospective or existing SSEG systems, whom have invested or will invest in a SSEG system and which are feeding back electricity into the municipality’s electricity network. After sufficient monitoring over an extended period of time and with cooperation, as described below, the municipality may consider in the future to compensate owners, in line with a tariff which will have to be developed for this purpose.

Metering requirement
It is also important to note that any such system installed or to be installed, if approved, will have to have a 4-quadrant electricity meter, capable of advanced metering, installed at own cost to the applicant, and will be required to take readings and submit to the municipality on a monthly basis via email / or install an automated system to provide the municipality with this data to enable the municipality to monitor the actual electricity flows for future decision making purposes.

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