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The Dawid Kruiper municipality placed the consequences of littering on various platforms, including on social media, wherein we plead with the community not to litter.

When waste or discarded substances are disposed of in an improper manner in unwanted locations, the process is called littering. It can be classified as a type of pollution. Littering can have disastrous consequences on the environment. :

Litter Creates Visual Pollution. Litter damages the aesthetics of a place. It causes visual pollution as the presence of litter makes a place unclean and hence unpleasant to the eyes.

The process of cleaning litter is costly to the municipality. If waste is disposed at the designated areas by the public, then cleaning the waste becomes relatively easy for the concerned personnel. However, when litter needs to be cleaned, extra funds are required to deploy resources and personnel to clean-up the littered area. Thus, litter clean-ups put a strain on the budget of the municipality, more than cleaning up waste disposed of in the proper manner by responsible citizens.

Often, irresponsible citizens tend to litter the streets and other public properties or even private properties of their neighbors. When other members of the public complain against such littering, the guilty often go into denial mode or exhibits adamant behavior. Thus, tensions are born between members of society which can also lead to violent clashes in extreme cases.

Hazardous chemicals can leach out of the litter and pollute the soil and water bodies located nearby. These toxins then enter the human body via the food chain. The contaminants also stunt plant growth and cause health issues in animals living in the area. Littering can also lead to air pollution. Often, the litter is put on fire as an easy way to get rid of the litter. The burning process can release significant volumes of toxic particulate matter and gases into the atmosphere. The pollutants can then cause respiratory problems and other health problems in humans and other living beings.

Several items of litter like discarded vehicle types can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos. For example, when rainwater can collect in discarded tires and serve as a mosquito breeding ground. These insects can spread several diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, etc. These vector-borne diseases can spread like an epidemic and kill thousands of people within a short period of time. As you are aware, we are fighting against the corona virus at the moment and it is important to keep our environment clean if we want to beat this virus.

When the litter is composed of flammable materials, a small spark or lightning can immediately start a fire. Such fires can become uncontrollable and lead to heavy losses of lives and property. For example, discarded cigarette butts that have not been fully put off can give rise to fires.

Accidents can result when vehicles come in contact with litter. Sharp objects, toxic chemicals, and other discarded objects can cause physical harm to humans. Pathogens in the litter can lead to an epidemic.

The Mayor of the Dawid Kruiper municipality, Councillor Michael Segede would like to appeal to you not to litter. ‘ The municipality is looking at a comprehensive process on how to deal with littering in our communities. We will announce the plans very soon on how the community and the municipality can work together in dealing with the problem of littering, ‘ said the Mayor.

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