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Covid19 Regulations & Precautionary Measures

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Staatskoerant 43364_28-5_Cogta


In the light of the corona virus epidemic and the restrictions that were placed on large gatherings, the Dawid Kruiper municipality has decided on the following:


  • Social distancing should be encouraged and hygiene practices should be improved in our homes, at work, at business places and everywhere where people gather
  • All the halls (excluding for the use of indigent registrations), swimming pools and recreational halls, Camping sites, Stadia, the Eiland Holiday Resort, Reitzpark, Braai and sports facilities will be closed with immediate effect.
  • Our library operating hours (including mobile services) will be reduced incrementally and these facilities will provide only basic services, namely, taking out and returning reading material. The number of persons allowed into the library will be controlled. If there is a need to stop access to the library, we will communicate this to the residents/ community. 
  • All the cemeteries in the Dawid Kruiper municipal area will remain open. Residents are advised, upon making bookings, to be mindful of the number of persons at the graveside during burial, and to please stick to their allotted times. We are trying to keep gravesites as far apart as possible to limit contact between mourners during burials.
  • Please note all public meetings and non-critical meetings, gatherings and site visits will also be postponed indefinitely unless an emergency meeting is called which we will communicate on. 

Our Driving License and Testing Center will remain open, until another announcement is made. Strong precautions will be taken to ensure a heightened level of hygiene. The number of people going to the offices must be limited to limit the spread of COVID-19. All eye testing equipment is sanitised after each user.

  • Customers are reminded that accounts still need to be paid.  You can still pay at the various outlets or at the municipal offices. Your account inquiries can be done telephonic. The numbers which you can dial are (054) 338 7000 / 7167 /7095 / 7097 and 7099 for account inquiries, or you can visit the municipality. 
  • Motor vehicle registration can still be done at the traffic section of the Dawid Kruiper municipality.

Please take along your proof of address when renewing your motor vehicle licenses. This must be done annually as per National Government requirements. It is very important for customers to have all of the required documentation with them when they apply for license disc renewals to prevent any additional delays.

  • Decrease the number of passengers in public transport like taxis and buses. 
  • The Dawid Kruiper staff have hand sanitizers at their disposal, and gloves and masks. Additional sanitation of all work surfaces has been implemented. Social distance signs are indicated on the floor of all the D.K.M centres where there is a queuing system.

The following services or information can be requested telephonically:  

  •        Billing
  •        Careers
  •        Informal trader bay applications
  •        Land use and building plan applications
  •        Municipal accounts
  •        Report a fault or request a service
  •        Conveyancing
  •        Indigent applications and emergency services like fire, pipe burst,

          pre-paid electrical meter faults, water meter faults and all the other

          services which the municipality is rendering.

  • The Tourism information centre will also be closed with immediate effect. Only telephonic enquiries will be handled
  • The parking of cars at Rosepark should also be stopped or fines will be issued by the traffic department
  • The Eiland Holiday Resort will also be closed with immediate effect. Cancellation fees will not be charged for early cancellations.

We are doing this in the interest of containing this highly contagious virus and for the protection of all our residents. Our residents know that we do this in their interest and trust that they will support us in taking the necessary precautions.

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