Dawid Kruiper Municipality
Munisipaliteit Dawid Kruiper


2016/2017 Approved Budget

Combined budget for NC087

Adjustment Budget(NC087)_B-Schedule

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083) 2016/2017 Annual Budget Document

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083) Quality Certificate

Customer Care Credit Control Debt Collection 2016-2017

Indigent Management Policy 2016-2017

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083) 20162017 Approved Property Rates Policy

Supply Chain Policy – 2015 Amendments to take effect 01 May 2016

Cash Management Investment policy (Corrected for Review May 2016)

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083)_20162017 Approved Tariffs

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083) A1 Schedule 2016/2017

//Khara Hais Municipality (NC083) Council Resolution for approval of the budget

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