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Compilation of an all-inclusive Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and Land Use Management System (Zoning Scheme, Land Development Procedures and Regulations - LUMS) for the newly established Dawid Kruiper Municipality. Read the full notice


Herewith Dawid Kruiper Municipality wish to invite all our current and new suppliers to register on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database (CSD). Suppliers will no longer be registered at the municipality and are requested to self-register directly on the CSD by accessing the National Treasury website at www.secure.csd.gov.za

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Municipality assist in rebuilding houses

The Mayor of //Khara Hais, Me Limakatso Koloi, left, during the handing over of a house to one of the beneficiaries.

Four houses were recently handed to beneficiaries. The four houses were identified during the visit of the President, Mr Jacob Zuma. He visited Upington in June 2013. The housed were rebuild because the structural defects posed a safety threat to the inhabitants of the houses.

The project formed part of the //Khara Hais 2007-2009 integrated development plan (IDP) and the housing/ town planning and Land Use Management Development Strategies projects. These documents are available at //Khara Hais Municipality.

The houses were officially handed over by the Premier of the Northern Cape, Me Sylvia Lucas and the Mayor of //Khara Hais Me Limakatso Koloi.

The roleplayers for the project are: Coghsta, //Khara Hais Municipality, BVI and the beneficiaries of the project. The total cost of the project was R385 200.00.

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Free WiFi to the Community

The Municipal Manager, Mr Deshi Ngxanga (left) and the Mayor Me L Koloi during the launching of the wifi.

The //Khara Hais Municipality in Upington is giving free wifi to the community as part of a free basic service. The park infront of the head office of the municipal building has been converted into a free wifi zone.

The public can access the wifi from Seven Thirty in the morning until Four Thirty in the afternoon during weekdays.

‘The free wifi is part of a free basic service which we make available to the community,’ said Mayor Limakatso Koloi who launched the service recently.

The Municipality has appealed to the community to use the WIFI service responsibly. The free wifi will also assist students and learners who can access information for their assignments and examinations. While the community access the free WIFI service they can watch international and national events on the PVA- public viewing area.

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Municipal Radio Programme improved

Mayor, Cllr LA Koloi, during a radio broadcast

The monthly radio programme of //Khara Hais Municipality was recently improved. The name of the programme is UIT DIE RAADSAAL and is it goes live on air on the community radio station, Radio Riverside.

The programme is taking a new twist with fox pops – voices of the people, recordings that are played on air. The vox pops contains interviews which were conducted with various communities on the topic that will be discussed during the live interview. In the absence of the vox pops, the telephone lines are opened so that the community can participate in the discussions.

The programme will, instead of in the evening, now go on air between Twelve midday and one o’clock in the afternoon.

The radio programme is paid for by //Khara Hais Municipality and it is part of its mandate of informing the community and allowing participatory democracy to take place. ‘The radio programme will assist us in understanding the problems of the community. It will also go a great way in informing the community on service delivery’, said Mayor Limakatso Koloi.

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PMR Award for //Khara Hais


The //Khara Hais Municipality recently won PMR awards in the following categories:

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Submission of Financial Statements

From left to right: Municipal Manager- Mr D Ngxanga, Speaker- Clr T Basson, Mayor-Clr L Koloi and from the Auditor General’s office- Mr P Kritzinger

Section 126 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, provides that:

The Accounting Officer of the municipality must compile the annual financial statements of the municipality within two months after the end of the financial year and submit it to the Auditor-General for auditing.

The financial year of the municipality ends in June and consequently the municipality’s has two months (July and August) to submit the financial statements and other relevant reports.

In terms of this legislation, //Khara Hais Municipality submitted all required documentation (financial statements together with supporting documentation, and Annual Performance Report) to the Auditor-General Friday 29 August 2014.

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Reitzpark is open from 08:00 till 22:00 everyday during September and March. The public should bring their own braai facilities.

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