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Munisipaliteit Dawid Kruiper


Civil Engineering Service

Director Padwald Jonker

The Civil Engineering Services Directorate is led by the Director Civil Engineering Services together with four Control Technicians who heads each of the four departments in the directorate. The functions of the Director are as follows:

  • Ensuring diligent execution of municipal functions and management of the Directorate, in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Execute all relevant Council and Committee resolutions, statutory liabilities and delegated authority
  • Responsible for the performance management and SDBIP of the Directorate
  • Supervising the implementation of the Directorate’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Controlling the efficient management of the Directorate budget
  • Establishing and maintaining a sound management system in accordance with applicable legislation, policies, practices and standards
  • Liaising with and reporting to stakeholders
  • Co-ordinating and manage the implementation of programmes and projects
  • Integrating service delivery

The 4 different departments in the Civil Engineering Services Directorate and their functions are as follows:

Manage the planning, design & Project management section of this department
  • Supervising of Contracts and in-house projects
  • Setting of design standards
  • Identification and Implementation of Projects
  • Drafting of all project related drawings
  • Data collection and execution of in-house surveys
  • Compiling Business Plans

Roads and Storm Water Management

Manage the Construction and Maintenance of roads & stormwater systems of this department
  • Pavement maintenance and management (tarred, segmented paving, gravel),
  • Street verge maintenance,
  • Re-Surfacing of roads,
  • Reinstatement of service trenches,
  • Cleaning & rehabilitation of stormwater system and culverts
  • Upgrading of existing roads
  • New road construction

Water Purification & Waste Water treatment

Manage the Water treatment & Waste water treatment of this department
  • Management of bulk water treatment to potable standards
  • Management and maintenance of and storage reservoirs.
  • Emergency & preventative maintenance to water treatment plant & reservoirs
  • Also deals with the treatment of all wastewater, control of treatment works and effluent quality.
  • Maintenance of electrical and mechanical plant and components of water purification works and wastewater treatment works.

Water Distribution & Sewer Reticulation

Manage water distribution and sewer reticulation of this department
  • Distribution of water to the consumers
  • Emergency & Preventative maintenance of the water reticulation system
  • Provision of water meters and water connections
  • Management of sewer reticulation system
  • Emergency & Preventative maintenance of the sewer reticulation system
  • Provision of sewer connections

Client Service

  • Promote the principles of the Batho Pele and Good Customer Relation which underpin the Municipality’s vision “ To provide an affordable quality service to Dawid Kruiper Municipality and its visitors and to execute the policies and programmes of the Council. “ As well as effectively coordinating all customer complaints, reporting and analysis and ensure that the municipality achieves the targets and objectives set in the Customer Care Policy.


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